Take out your credit card and rack cocaine,
Must you surround yourself to cellophane?
Gucci shoes and Versace belts,
Don’t you realise that plastic melts

A tragic end,
Rehash a trend,
Fragile ego,
The room is strewn with ambien,
Soho, Soho the razors edge.

Constant Cycle. Constant Psychos.

You write love on your arms,
Classy to the point of harm,
Vanity quote unquote unsaid,
A chemical imbalance fixed with chemicals

The trends will change,
Your beauty fades,
It’s time to go,
A line of blow,
Don’t want to know
Soho, Soho the razors edge

The silver blue goes with your fingers,
Dancing with chalk walk mannequins,
Release the fault line stained glass mirrors
The sheep still need their painted heroes.

Official Second Apollo Video Clip

Directed by Natalie Rachel Moss

Creepy Crawling from the self-titled Spaceticket album. Buy now on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/au/album/spaceticket/id475833243

Second Apollo from the upcoming Spaceticket self-titled album.

This Ant from the upcoming Spaceticket self-titled album.


The Album has finally been Pressed and is now available at Repressed Records in Newtown!! So go on and grab yourself a copy!! hitting Brisvegas on thursday and saturday night followed with some Sydney shows yet to be announced..

BERNHEIM!!! lolitanestic schniiz

BERNHEIM!!! lolitanestic schniiz